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Shiv Harsh Suhalka


MP Jansampark should initiate for Complete Transparency

Madhya Pradesh government every year sanctions crores of rupees budget for the Public Relations department to build the good image of the government, but the PR department failed to build the right image in the minds of the common people because the PR department itself could not initiate the complete Transparency and the discipline required to convince others. The PR department should initiate to update the all expenses and release orders for advertisements issued to the various media organization and other non-media organizations on their website daily as their commitment for Transparency to the common people.

It is the right and duty of the common people to know and have watch over the Income and Expenses of the various government departments. It is also the duty of the common people to stop the government for doing wrong.

Now, All government departments and public institutions should mention all the expenses and income on their website every month, also the objects of the department, Name, Phone no. and Email of the various officers and their Scope of work should the clearly mentioned as a big measure of Transparency and Empowerment of the common people. This definitely help the government to build their positive image.

Another important Transparency tool is to empower the common people with Photo Id card to send the question to the concerned officer at their official Email Id , and the officer should respond to the query within the specified time.
The complete process should be online. Here it is worth mention that the real development is based on the foundation of Transparency and Discipline.


-Lakhs of devotees paid tributes to the saibaba.
-Prominent personalities of India reached at the Puttapathi to pay their homage including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, President Pratibha Patil,Sonia Gandhi & Sachin Tendulkar.
-India needs one Satya Saibaba for every town/village to provide the best Medical, Education & Civic amenities to the poorest of the poor -Metromirror.com-

Shivraj Singh Chauhan's clear image favored -- Shiv to "Raj" again in MP.

Now is the time for Shivraj to think about development only, implement election manifesto and wipe-out the corruption from the roots to insure a Third Term.

Shivraj Singh chouhan is again going to be crowned to serve the people of Madhya Pradesh for the next five years. Clear image of the CM and development done in the past five years have played a significant role. Now the challenges before the Shivraj Singh chouhan are more compared to his previous challenges because the janta have given the mandate to develop the state like Gujarat, Maharashtra & Karnataka leading to the prosperity for all sections of the society.

Another point here is that no Minister, government department and officers should be allowed to engage themselves in the corrupt practices. A very professional system should be developed to run the government very smoothly and transparently. Ministers, officers and Babus found guilty of corrupt practices should be penalised and publicly exposed to win the hearts of the people of Madhya Pradesh. With this simple strategy, I hope the Shivraj Singh chouhan will be able to form the government third time also.