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Meet Delhi's Lalita 'Maa', who has been giving education to the children of GB Road sex workers since 30 years

New Delhi:MMNN:19 April 2023
Delhi'sG. B. Road. Dishes are sold here. There is a deal of the body. Mamta still breathes freely in this locality which has become a profession on the basis of compulsions. It can be said that it is a matter of luck that there is someone to protect Mamta's cradle. Have you ever thought what would happen to their children? But God has given life, so He has definitely made some hand to hold its finger. It was started three decades ago by Lalita, originally from Karnataka, for the rights of these children. This initiative has saved the lives of more than three thousand children today. Upbringing of children, education-initiation, rituals, marriage is fulfilling all the responsibilities. The children here are studying in Delhi University College and many sons and daughters have taken their mothers away from here and are leading a healthy home life. In the streets of GB Road, you will also see a corner of childhood between the curtain walls lying on the kothas, where more than 85 children can live together at a time. Think how big a challenge it will be to raise these children from two years to 18 years. But the responsibility taken by a 'mother' thirty years ago did not let her get tired even at the stage of 65 years of age and gave her strength. Today, holding hands with the children who have been nurtured and protected by them have become youths and are also playing a role in promoting this campaign.

encouraged the children by going from brothel to brothel

Regarding the protection of children of sex workers, Lalita tells that I used to do work related to women and children in an organization in Karnataka. I came to Delhi once in 1988. At the same time, a doctor wanted to work on sex workers in the red light area. I was sent to GB Road, there a man was beating those children, then a sex worker came and started crying in front of me with folded hands, begging for the life of her child. On that day I took a resolution which today binds me with the affection of thousands of children

got the full support of the family

In the beginning, for three years she went from brothel to brothel, talked to sex workers, looked after their children in front of them. When I started teaching good things to children, educating them and nurturing them with good values, they started joining me. Then an affinity was formed and in the year 1991 the Society for Participatory Integrated Developed-(SPID-SMS) was formed as a safe, protected space for children. Is. I used to say only one thing to those sex workers that what is the fault of these children, they should get their life. They have to be made courageous and self-reliant.

Kejriwal government is going to give free plants and pots to every house in Delhi, greenery will get a boost

New Delhi:MMNN:19 April 2023
Delhi's Arvind Kejriwal government is going to give free small plants and pots to the people to increase the greenery. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said on Wednesday that it is planning to provide small plants and pots at people's doorstep free of cost. For this survey is being done in every ward. Talking to PTI, he informed that a team is being constituted to identify the plant species which have high mortality rate after transplanting and to improve their survival rate, soil type and other factors on the transferred trees. The effect of the factors is ascertained.

Green environment increased in Delhi

According to the latest forest status report of Bharti, Delhi's green cover has increased from 21.88 per cent to 23.06 per cent of its geographical area. However, Gopal Rai said the government is planning an alternative model like urban farming. He said that the Forest Department and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi are going to start a pilot project to provide plants and pots from door to door free of cost.

Survey is being done in every ward

Gopal Rai further said that we are asking what kind of plants they want by conducting ward wise survey. I have got the survey done in my constituency. If the project is successful, we will be able to prepare alternatives for the green belt. The Environment Minister said that the survival rate of some species of plants is very low. Also the soil in some areas is not suitable for plantation. He said that a team is being formed to identify the saplings of those species which have very low survival rate after transplanting. The special thing is that in May last year, the Forest Department told the Delhi High Court that out of 16,461 trees planted in the last three years, only 33.33 percent of the trees have survived.

Delhi government is preparing to set up 100 EV charging stations in the capital, know what is the government's plan?

New Delhi:MMNN:06 April 2023
New Delhi: According to the Delhi Government, in this meeting, Power Minister Atishi instructed the officials to immediately resolve all the issues of setting up EV charging stations of the Electricity Department and Delhi Transco Limited (DTL) activism and by the end of April Build and prepare all 100 EV charging stations by the end of 50 and July. He directed that the construction of EV charging stations should be expedited and the work should be completed by following the timeline.
Speaking on the occasion, the Power Minister said that due to the efforts of the Delhi Government, Delhi has emerged as the Electric Vehicle (EV) capital of the country over the years. Towards this, to strengthen the EV charging infrastructure in Delhi, we are building 100 EV charging stations across the city. He said that with this project, efficient and accessible EV charging infrastructure will be created in every part of the city. Where the cost of charging per unit will be the lowest not only in the country but in the world and people will have to spend less than Rs 3 per unit for EV charging.
'EVs accounted for 16.7 per cent of the total vehicles sold in the capital'
At the same time, in the review meeting, the power minister said that Delhi, under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal, is leading India's EV revolution. He claimed that an example of this is that in December 2022, electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 16.7 per cent of the total vehicles sold in the capital, which is the highest in the country. The Power Minister said that now when the demand for electric vehicles among the people is increasing so fast in Delhi, keeping in view the need, we are building 100 EV charging stations in the capital. So that people get charging stations near them across the city and they do not have to face any problem regarding charging.

Govt Examining OBC Reservation in All-India Quota Seats of State Agri Varsities

28 March 2023
The issue of implementation of OBC reservation in all-India quota seats of state agricultural universities is under examination, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Tuesday.
In a written reply to Lok Sabha, Tomar said: “The issue of implementation of OBC reservation in All India Quota (AIQ) Seats of State Agricultural Universities is under examination." He was replying to a query whether the government has received legal opinion from legal affairs on implementation of OBC reservation in All India Quota Seats of State Agricultural Universities.
A K P Chinraj, the DMK MP from Tamil Nadu, asked whether the government has received legal opinion on implementation of OBC reservation in All India Quota Seats of State Agricultural Universities and whether the centre proposes to implement it.
While replying to another question, Tomar said, “the budget allocation of the Ministry of Agriculture (including DARE) and the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying is 2.92 per cent of total budget allocation during the year 2023-24." DARE refers to the Department of Agricultural Research and Education.

Tekken Star Abhinav Tejan and eFootball Ace Ibrahim Gulrez Crowned Champions of NESC 2023; Qualify for 15th World Esports Championships

28 March 2023
Putting up stellar performances, notable Tekken athlete Abhinav Tejan and eFootball pro Ibrahim Gulrez triumphed in the finals of the National Esports Championships (NESC) 2023 organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) and secured their berths at the global finals of the 15th World Esports Championships (WEC) which will take place in Iasi, Romania from August 24 – September 4, 2023.
The 15th World Esports Championship 2023 will have a whopping prize pool of $500,000 (INR 4.12 crore) and is set to be the largest edition of the tournament to date with at least 130 countries participating in eFootball, DOTA 2, Tekken7, Mobile Legends, PUBG: Mobile and CS:GO.
Despite starting from the loser bracket, Tejan who is a well-renowned name from the Tekken7 community proved his mettle against other top athletes of the country and will be representing India at the WEC for a record 6th time. The 29-year-old who won the South Asia regional finals of the Tekken World Tour 2022 last year defeated Loveneet in the grand finals by 3-2, 3-2.
“I have won a lot of tournaments in these past few years but winning the NESC 2023 was really important to me I had lost two times in it in the past 2 years. So, I wanted to make a comeback by winning it this year. Qualifying for the IESF finals in Romania had given me the chance to represent India for the 6th time in IESF finals which is personally a really proud moment. I am really looking forward to the finals where I will try my level best to get my country a medal this year,” said Abhinav Tejan.

Delhi Cop Kills 3, Allegedly After Dozing Off at Wheel

Our Correspondent : 13 May 2015
NEW DELHI: A sub-inspector of Delhi Police allegedly ran over three women near south Delhi's Badarpur flyover around 9.30 am today. Sub-inspector Rishi Pal, 59, who was allegedly driving his own private car, has been arrested for causing death by negligence, the police said.
The policeman, who was posted at the police headquarters in ITO, was on way home after a night shift. He had apparently dozed off at the wheels when the car hit the women -- sanitation workers who were sweeping the streets -- said police sources.
Eye-witnesses say the policeman did not run from the spot. He stopped the car, following which a large crowd gathered. One of the women had died on the spot. The injured women were taken to the hospital, where they died.
The families of the women, however, claimed the police are yet to take action. Bobby, 20, the son of Shakuntala, one of the victims, said, "The police are not doing anything, we haven't seen the accused arrested yet." The teenage daughter of another woman also said no action has been taken. This was the second controversy involving the Delhi Police in as many days.
In another outrage yesterday, a policeman, Head Constable Satish Chandra, was caught on camera attacking a woman with a brick in broad daylight. The woman was driving home in a two wheeler with her children. The policeman had flagged her down after she allegedly jumped a traffic signal. The women said he demanded a bribe and when she refused to pay, kicked her two-wheeler. She retaliated, throwing a stone at his bike.
A mobile phone clip recorded by a passer-by shows the woman picking up a brick and hurling it at the policeman's bike. The policeman is seen striking back with another brick, which hits the woman on her back. He allegedly also twisted her arm.
Satish Chandra was later dismissed from service and a case was registered against him.

26-year-old held for pelting stone at state transport bus

Our Correspondent : 02 Feb. 2013
NAGPUR: Imambada police have arrested the driver of a four-wheeler for allegedly smashing the windshield of a Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) bus after a dispute over driving with the bus driver near Siraspeth on Wednesday. Enraged after a minor traffic offence, Akshay Petkar pelted a stone at the bus which damaged the windshield.

It is learnt that the driver of the Nagpur-bound ST bus Rajaram Pathak had stopped the vehicle near Siraspeth to pick up some children. While leaving the stop, the bus grazed past Petkar's four-wheeler, which left him very angry.

Police said Petkar overtook the bus and brought it to a halt by blocking the way. Petkar initially picked up a verbal duel with ST driver Pathak but later hurled a stone at the windshield, causing damage of Rs 4,500.

Imambada police booked Petkar for wrongful confinement, acts endangering life and personal property of others, and damaging public

Gujarat: Police Inspector arrested for raping woman, extorting Rs 50,000 from her

Our Correspondent : 11 Jan. 2013
Ahmedabad: The Crime Branch on Tuesday arrested a Police Inspector in Ahmedabad for allegedly raping a 37-year-old woman and extorting Rs 50,000 from her. An FIR was registered against Inspector FM Qureshi, after the woman lodged a complaint on Monday, and he was arrested by the Crime Branch, police said.
The victim told the police that she had come to Ahmedabad to attend hearing in a case in the Gujarat High Court on November 1, 2012. As she knew no one in the city, she came in contact with Qureshi, posted as a security officer at the HC. Initially, Qureshi behaved in a hospitable manner and arranged papers related to her case apart from managing her stay at a hotel run by his friend, police said.
He also accompanied her to Bhuj, about 300-km from Ahmedabad, while on duty. In Bhuj, he arranged her a lawyer. On way back to the city from Bhuj, Qureshi opened up to her and expressed a desire to marry her after divorcing his wife, police said. Mina Jagtap, the woman's lawyer, told PTI "He said he didn't share a cordial relationship with his wife and wanted to divorce her." The complaint further said between November 1 and December 31, Qureshi took her to hotels on various pretexts and allegedly raped her. He also took Rs 50,000 from her. Qureshi told her that if she didn't marry him, he would kill himself, according to the complaint.
The woman said the police officer had been lying about his marital relationship and he later started blackmailing and threatening her, leading her to file the complaint.