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By Metro Mirror Team

According to the latest World Wealth Report (2009) compiled by Merrill lynch and Cap gemini Ernst & Young, India has around 50,000 high net worth individuals with financial assets of more than Rs .1 Crore. It is a good sign for a developing country like India, where the cost of living index is usually low and economy is generally under depression. This is a ray of hope. But who is benefited most out of the Richie and their fortunes. It is the vendors of en-classed objects of desire who allure these biggies in their own way. Big money is going into maintaining an up-cliff lifestyle by the globally mega-rich and huge purchases incurred upon making their wardrobe, office, garage, living room, travel, makeover, and their dreams unlimited to be (de rigeur)

The rich increases in numbers every year. India has around 25,000 families with annual, income of Rs. 50 lakes plus, which is likely to double in the next five years. The rate of growth of the rich has outdone the rate of growth of middle class groups.

High living is on the rage. High priced lifestyle products like watches, bags, pens, cell phones, plasma Tallies, sports can rule the roost. A fact file at how the privileged India shops today:

  • According to a recent 'KSA Technopak Survey' there is a big market for high-end luxury products in India.
  • Out of the total watch market of 22 million units, brands like Tag Heuer, langines, Christian Dion, Rado account for about 5 to 10% of the sales (in terms of money it is Rs 150-200 crore), out of which the major buyers are from Mumbai & Delhi.
  • Of the premium cars namely Mercedes, Sonata Octavia, Lexus, nearly 10,000 are sold every year. Last year 15 Mercedes sports roadster priced at Rs 85 lacks were sold in India. Till May 38 S-class cars priced at 62 lakes have been sold.
  • New age neighbour's envy (but owner's pride) 42"plasma display model by Samsung electronics has been priced at Rs. 4,75.000. It is ultra slim and can be hung on the wall. Around 100 pieces were sold by December. This year, they expect to sell 500 by December..
  • Louise vuitton bags launched last year sells 12 to 15 bags on a per day basis. The bags are priced at Rs. 35,000-1 lack..
  • Mont blanc pens with solid gold iridium tip nibs whose avg. price is Rs. 15,000 have an adequately high sales report.
  • Reason for such a major drift in the tastes of people varies from person to person. Some buy them for passion some do it for comfort. Money doesn't play its pant, it only provides convenience. Social recognition may be the reason for some. But a sense of security and self-esteem are the major pulling factors.

'Indian fashion industry not easy for foreign talent'

Foreign models scorch the ramps during Indian fashion week. But if Serbian model Nevena Pejatovic, the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013, is to be believed, it isn't easy to carve a niche in the country's fashion scene.

Is it easier for international models to make it big in India now?

"It is not easy for a foreign talent to make a mark easily in this industry with the growing competition everyday but I do believe that if someone has the right attitude and potential, it will take you places," Pejatovic told IANS.

She was named the winner of NDTV Good Times' 'Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl' in December 2012.

From the auditions to gorgeous Goa, running through a boot camp to posing in midair, she saw it all through her journey on the hunt.

Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, Pejatovic came to know about the hunt through her modelling agency, and she says "it feels great to win such a prestigious title."

"It has been a wonderful experience, learnt a lot and made friends. It is a great platform to be recognised. It was one of the most memorable experience and what better place than to be in Goa," she said.
Is she planning to shift base to India now?

"I am considering my options, (there is a) possibility I would like to explore in near future," said the model, who is a fan of designer Roberto Cavalli.

She is yet to work with an Indian designer but says she has a "few favourites ones that I would like to work with".

Several past Kingfisher calendar models including Deepika Padukone, Nargis Fakhri, Esha Gupta and Lisa Haydon made inroads into Bollywood. Will she follow the same path?

"I believe it (the hunt) is a good platform for new talent to be scouted and groomed and eventually enter the film space," Pejatovic said.