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Lethal-to-life Mini Buses
Bhopal, the city of lakes; gifted with natural beauty; known for its Royal history has some ugly & horrible aspects also. Mini buses are one of them. These are flooded more than its passengers-occupancy-capacity & run in a wild manner on the roads of the city. Sometimes, a mini bus, despite being filled with passengers, get engaged in a dangerous race with another one to reach somewhere sooner. A bus can be stopped anywhere its driver wishes regardless the inconvenient & delay suffered by the passengers. The accidents occurring in the city mostly caused by these mini buses alone.
- Rohit Aggarwal, Arera Colony, Bhopal

Hindi Cornered In Government Undertakings
India is the only country in the world where a day is fixed for the celebration of its indigenous & national language, Hindi. It is not a matter of pride because it is not less than the death anniversary of Hindi. In government undertakings, Hindi has been put in a corner & replaced by English. It is a serious violation of Official Language Act. Since 70's, with the arrival of the computers, entire official work has been being done in English. In the Banks, passbooks & demand drafts can be seen flooded with English words. It seems that only Hindi-Day is the remaining sign of the existence of Hindi.
- Sunil K. Shukla, Mandideep

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