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Around the world
Know�the White House

White house is the official residence of the American president.
Having 132 rooms it stretches about 18 acres.
The foundation of the white house was laid on 13 Oct. 1792.
The rooms inside the white house are named according to their colours.
Earlier it was called �Presidential House�. It was renamed �Executive Mansion� by the then president Thomas Jefferson. It was Andrew Jackson who first called it White house in 1902. Theodora Roosevelt officially designated it white house.
In 1812 it was set ablaze by the British army. After that it was coloured with white paint & since then it began to be called white house.
The white house was designed by an Irish-origin architect Jams Hobe.


Get Inspiration

Indira Gandhi

Knowing Indira Gandhi is a very inspiring way of learning something especially for girls. We can say that her spirit to dedicate for the country was handed down by his father Jawahar Lal Nehru who was also a great freedom fighter & later on became the first Prime Minister of the country. At her early age in her attempt to fight the British Raj, she formed a Monkey Brigade which collected secret informations of the British Govt. & disclosed them to the freedom fighters to their advantages. Later on she was sent to Ingland for study. Her ability, wisdom & dedication led her way to becoming the first woman PM of the country.

In the tragic phase of the happenings she was shot dead by her own bodyguards in 31 Oct. 1984. Though she is out of our sight but her acts & personality will always be encouraging stuff for anybody particularly for the girls of this country who has got the confidence from her that a woman is no less than a man.

Jokes for you

James� For what have you got this medal?
Peter� For singing.
James� And what about that bigger medal
Peter� For not singing!
Father� Dear son, after being grown up how would you make my name bright?
Son� Simply, by fixing a bulb on your nameplate.


tIt was India where the game of Badminton came into existence.
tThe first woman chief minister of any state of India� Sucheta Kriplani (UP)
tThe first post-office was opened in India in 1727 by the East India Company.
tThe Shark produces the largest egg.
tA mouse in one night can dig up about 300 ft. long groove.

Kids News

The US postal services released 4 new stamps portraying the cartoon characters by Walt Disney studio.